Values orientation and moral education program

She said that she tries to learn from him. How can I respect your judgment and guidance, the student asked openly, if it is not rooted in a belief in God?

Moral education had a religious tinge, which made many uneasy. Education as a Moral Enterprise We trust that it is uncontroversial to say that schooling is unavoidably a moral enterprise.

So our focus shifts somewhat in this last chapter. The second task of moral education is to provide students with the intellectual resources that enable them to make informed and responsible judgments about difficult matters of moral importance. Both first ladies welcomed the Living Values Program enthusiastically and were very happy to receive a copy of the first Living Values book.

Editorial Projects in Education. Typically, these high-school level service-learning activities are off-campus at a home for the blind, a hospital, or a day-care center.

This initiative received popular support because of the perception among large sectors of society that there has been a large scale rejection of traditional values. The overall shape of the curriculum is morally loaded by virtue of what it requires, what it makes available as electives, and what it ignores.

Once again, the public frets about whether children are becoming good people. Indeed, schools teach morality in a number of ways, both implicit and explicit. In the United States, as a group of colonies and later as a new nation, the overwhelming dominant religion was Protestantism.

Such a statement legitimizes the attention of adults and students alike to this educational goal. For the past several decades values clarification programs have been widely used in public schools. The program also teaches students practical life skills that will encourage them to develop into well-adjusted adults.


This is not a criticism of character education. Dr Dolores Brissett, Head of the Guidance and Counselling Services at the Caenwood Centre in Kingston, Jamaica was the keynote speaker at international G luncheon where she outlined her plan based on Living Values for establishing values education program in Jamaica, shown here with Sister Chirya.

Moral Teachers, Moral Students

King Lear does not develop compassion or a mature sense of justice until he nears death. Consideration of the virtue for that particular month is reflected in the curriculum, in special assemblies, in hallway and classroom displays, and in school-home newsletters.

Other students, however, find her needy and rude. Students For students across the UAE, Moral Education helps to create a strong foundation of moral purpose, an ethical outlook, character development and an understanding of shared values of humanity.

At war with both her parents and her teacher, Sally looks to her peers for support. Fair, generous, caring, and empathetic educators model these qualities and can effectively guide students in sorting out these questions.

Evaluation of Moral and Character Education There are a few character education programs with encouraging evaluation results.Moral Values Program: their academic performance TEACH the moral guidance necessary to help them Program Do you Require Formal Orientation.

Moral and Character Development. values education, analysis, and moral development approaches It is an education program that requires both. THE VALUES EDUCATION IN THE Family orientation. in this form. and colonialism were training project called Moral Recovery Program (MRP).

Values/Moral Education/5(11). development of school programs, syntheses Islamic moral values and education is outlined provide proper orientation and bases for a.

Moral Teachers, Moral Students. values and virtues the rider an effective moral education effort would include specific strategies for helping adults deal.

Mission and Values

Start studying Ch. 7 Moral Development, Values punishment and obedience orientation C) Maria participates in a moral education program where students are.

Values orientation and moral education program
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