The vietnam syndrome americas gut feeling

Support Us Donate Vietnam Syndrome, like other post-war syndromes, was first used in early s to describe the physical and psychological symptoms of veterans coming back from the Vietnam War, later best known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

Are Vietnam Syndrome gone? Nearlydraftees which came from poorly educated background hardly received honorable discharge.

The Incurable Vietnam Syndrome

The appearance of that phrase has caused many to believe that Vietnam Syndrome is still alive. After six and a half years of war, the United States has lost over 4, service personnel in Iraq--a sobering and substantial figure but still 13 times fewer fatalities than we suffered in Vietnam.

Nor are they monolithic, as the Viet Cong were. Society Post-Vietnam Syndrome also lead to a lot of problems on American society and people.

And Iraq is gonna become a disaster under this presidency. You know, in Vietnam, we heard the commanding general on the ground saying we need more troops.

Vietnam Syndrome

But, rest assured, a history of being consistently wrong has not deterred all those Boomers who came of age in the s from once again evoking the specter of you-know-what to warn against involvement in Afghanistan. Many of their critics, by contrast, seem to be driven by sixties nostalgia more than by an understanding of Afghanistan today.

It has been widely reported that the "must read" book in the White House now is Lessons in Disaster: They are more likely to engage in sustained firefights than were Al Qaeda in Iraq or the Mahdi Army, but they are incapable of maneuvering in battalion- brigade- or division-sized formations as the Vietnamese Communists routinely did.

The American public also remained wary of foreign conflicts in the decades immediately following the end of the Vietnam War.

The syndrome was on full display during the s, when pundits and politicos rushed to compare American interventions in Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, which resulted in no American casualties, to the worst military defeat in our history.

Since the s, U. Another crucial point to take away from Vietnam is the importance of willpower in warfare. The Iraqi guerrillas, Sunni and Shiite, were formidable in their own right, but they were no Viet Cong.

The very term "Taliban" is a misnomer. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. This problem would color nearly every decision Johnson made about the war, would force him from his point of view to take personal command of the air war in North Vietnam, and would frustrate the military leadership, just as they had been frustrated during the Korean War.

Vietnam Syndrome: Definition, Causes & Impact

They argue that bad memories of the Vietnam War such as massive protests and riots, the Watergate scandals as well as images of killed and wounded soldiers and civilians, have caused the American people to distrust any type of foreign intervention.

The north Vietnamese were well versed in guerrilla warfaresabotage, atypical and asymmetric battlefield moves, infiltration, etc. The Taliban, like their Iraqi counterparts, prefer to strike with IEDs, which take little courage to plant.

Since the early s, the combination of a public opinion apparently biased against war, [2] a relative reluctance to deploy ground troops and conscriptionand "Vietnam paralysis" are all the perceived results of the syndrome. Mullah Omar is no Ho Chi Minh. That allowed the enemy to adjust to American tactics and made it impossible to wrest the initiative on the battlefield.

Throughout the late s and early s, more and more military personnel were sent to support that mission. This idea is backed up by the broad support of government in battles in Afghanistan and Iraq in first decade of 21st century. Actually the "Afghanistan as Vietnam" meme is hardly new.

The victory of the communist forces in Vietnam can be at least partially attributed to non-military factors such as anti-war sentiments in the United States and political interference involving micromanagement of responsibilities typically delegated to military command millions of Vietnamese were killed, versus many thousands, but not millions, of United States or South Vietnamese troops.

They showed that Vietnam Syndrome still exists on American foreign policies to a certain extent. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Properly applied, the study of past wars can be essential in guiding the course of current and future conflicts. As the war dragged on, it became highly controversial. In portentous Times-speak, Apple wondered: July This article has multiple issues. Military historians and those who participated in the war note that indeed, the full spread of United States military technology, numbers, and expertise was present during the war, all the way to its very end, but the requirement of individual bombing raids being approved by the Commander in Chief personally, hindered the ability of commanders in country to execute an effective war strategy.

If the White House agrees, it will be imperative to send a substantial number of reinforcements quickly rather than repeating one of the mistakes of the Vietnam days when Lyndon Johnson escalated gradually."Vietnam Syndrome" is NOT to be confused with PTSD or re-adjustment problems experienced by some Vietnam veterans.

A view held largely by American conservatives that the "loss" of the Vietnam War has created an American public biased against any type of American military conflict.

Vietnam Syndrome is akin to other post-war syndromes in that it describes the psychosocial effects of having been in a war. Typically, those who suffer from Vietnam Syndrome (or any post-war syndrome), suffer from acute and chronic psychological p.

The Vietnam syndrome is a giant step away from hard-edged policies, such as President George W. Bush’s adventurous plunge into Iraq inand toward softer-edged policies, such as President. Does It Still Matter? The Impact of the Vietnam Syndrome on American Foreign Policy Abstract During the Vietnam War there existed a lack of consensus as to what the official policy of dealing with the.

The Incurable Vietnam Syndrome U.S. Army soldiers from 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment are seen at a reenlistment ceremony for a comrade in Baqouba Iraq, June 29, AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo.

Video: Vietnam Syndrome: Definition, Causes & Impact Since the s, U.S history and politics have been shaped by the country's experience in the Vietnam War. In this lesson we explore the term.

The vietnam syndrome americas gut feeling
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