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One of the central solutions to overcoming this trend, some argue, is by providing support services for teen parents in public schools. That means it is also expensive. The real issue is that, in the United States, parents are, for the most part, expected to foot the bill for childcare on their own.

According to statistics, 56 percent of all the married families with children under six have both working parents. In fact, when parents are surveyed about their ideal options, daycare centers usual rank at the bottom.

In addition to normal business operating costs and obtaining adequate liability insurance, childcare centers must comply with often stringent state regulations. As the cost of day care is considered to be relatively high, some school and community leaders feel that these support programs should be the first to go in order to protect the educational focus of the non-parent students in schools.

Why the State Should Provide Daycare for Working Parents

Do you think such a program can and should happen here? With the rising rate of teenage pregnancy, many communities are being forced to debate over whether or not public schools should provide day care programs for teen parents.

In case you a student and need childcare essay writing servicesthen feel free to contact us. In fact, recent studies indicate that the parent-child relationship can be improved by the use of high-quality childcare facilities.

Young kids can be benefited the most Apart from all the aforementioned points, the most substantial reason for providing free baby care facilities is ensuring overall development of the child.

The government should take the responsibility of this age group as well. It found that in 31 states across the country, it costs more to send your infant to daycare than it does to send your child to a public university.

According to the Census Bureauinless than one-quarter of children under age five were in an organized daycare facility. About 60 percent of children under five spent some time in an alternative childcare arrangement, but most of that care was provided by a relative.

Many leaders argue that teenage dropouts lead to a great number of economic and social problems in the community, as teenage dropouts and teen parents are more likely to become unemployed or work for lower paying jobs. Many teenage parents, especially teenage moms, choose to drop out upon giving birth to their child.

Certainly we want daycare to be affordable for those who must buy it to make ends meet. Yes, there is a risk that irresponsible parents will foist their kids onto the state. For couples who have built their lives based on two-incomes and single parents who have no real option other than to work full-time, this question create more sleepless nights than even the most colicky infant.

Parents are usually sensitive to the costs and stresses of opting baby care facilities. The employment rate of single mothers that are raising young kids is 65 percent, and that of single fathers is 83 percent. Friends may exchange babysitting to cover different times or days. But focusing that support solely on those who use formal daycare programs would be unfair to the millions of parents who have different preferences for their families.

Please share your thoughts below. Canada has been increasing its government-run childcare facilities for decades now. All these arrangements are less likely to happen if formal daycare becomes more highly subsidized. For more such write-ups, stay tuned to our blog section!

Government policies have helped to foster the market conditions which got us into this mess. The Cons of Public School Day Care While some leaders argue that public school day care programs help offer support and solutions for teens who are struggling, many school leaders and community members contrarily believe that these programs are simply encouraging irresponsible choices.

Being the most sensitive citizens, they need to be provided with proper care that can lead to overall development, irrespective of the diverse economic backgrounds they belong from.

For example, when the research firm Public Agenda asked parents of children under age five about the best childcare arrangement, 70 percent thought it was best for one parent to be at home.

All that time is valuable. Here is a look at a day in the life of a teenage mother. Our services are known for top-notch content at very affordable prices. In fact, recent studies indicate that parent-child relationships can be improved by availing high-quality childcare facilities.

They are not able to utilise their productive skills and do not pay income tax. To combat this rise in teen pregnancy, public schools are one of the first and primary programs striving to implement changes to deter this trend.

Policymakers should therefore consider how regulations and tax policy raise the cost of operating a childcare business.

Should the Government Help Provide Child Care?

Instead of making the life of a teen parent easier, some community members believe that teens should, instead, be provided with more abstinence and safe sex prevention programs.Government Should Help Parents, Not Daycare Providers Daycare centers may have strategies for greater efficiency: Perhaps three caretakers can handle more babies together than they could.

Why the federal government should subsidize childcare and how to pay for it. Why the federal government should subsidize childcare and how to pay for it daycare at $ per child.

Free Essay: Should the government provide day care centers for working parents? Parents who are working hard to provide there family a good meal and to pay. Jan 05,  · Should the Government Help Provide Child Care? By. Sue Shellenbarger The ability to find and pay for good daycare has a big influence on whether parents work for pay Register for Free.

Supporting the motion, here, our childcare essay writing experts have mentioned a few reasons that state why the government should provide these care facilities for free. Read ‘em! Extensive demand for children’s daycare has emerged. The government should not supply the low income families with federally funded daycare's'.

Childcare: Who should provide it?

The government has already made so many families lazy and dependent on their help as is. Should the government provide child care for working parents? I'm not saying it should be completely free but I have two children and I pay $ a month for.

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Should government provide free daycare centers essay
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