Selecting cattle calving seasons and weaning

It is important that the calves find the water. Additional information can be found in the associated Extension publication Fall Versus Spring Calving: Approximately 40 percent of cow-calf operations indicated a need to purchase bulls or semen for breeding replacement heifers.

Yard weaning requires more labour and may be more expensive than some other methods.

The openings in the creep should be mm wide. Some human presence each day but no specific training. The cows will move to water and graze away for extended periods while the calves will group together on the fence.

Fall Calving Season May Yield Higher Returns for Southeastern Beef Producers

Today, beef producers have excellent tools to estimate the genetic worth of animals for a number of economically important traits, including those related to calving ease. The better the condition of a cow at calving, the better her milk supply and the sooner she will show oestrus after calving.

Feed restriction after weaning also reduces the rate of muscle and fat deposition. This suggests that Bull No. It showed clearly that yard weaning, compared to typical paddock weaning, resulted in better weight gain and reduced incidence of respiratory disease when these cattle were subsequently lot fed.

The most important EPD in bull selection for use on first-calf heifers is calving ease direct CEDsince it predicts the ability of a sire to produce calves that come out easily, with no assistance.

PHOTO Calving difficulties can occur with all beef females but is primarily a problem in first-calf heifers. As the calves approach weaning age, give them access to a good quality pasture, or supplement crop in an adjoining paddock.

Through its mission of research, teaching and extension, the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture touches lives and provides Real. Calving difficulties can occur with all beef females but is primarily a problem in first-calf heifers.

The important aspects of herd fertility - calving percentage, calving pattern and calving span - are strongly affected by cow condition.

Creep weaning Creep weaning is a gradual "self weaning" process. Temperamental animals are not suitable for feedlot or intensive fattening systems. Weaning at this stage will conserve the body condition of the cows, stimulate oestrus activity, ovulation and ensure reasonable conception rates at joining.

Researchers said that these benefits followed when the following specific conditions applied. The study included approximately 2, producers from 24 of the leading cow-calf states. Calves are weaned earlier to allow cows to gain body condition before the next calving.

Kept in yards days. Considerations and Profitability Comparison is available at no charge online at the UT Extension publications website: Considerations and Profitability Comparison. The calves are drafted from the cows and moved as far away as possible.

After a few days move the cows away.Selection and Management of Beef Replacement Heifers 5. Raise a good calf to weaning. Selecting the right heifers, growing them properly and getting Cow-calf herds with spring and fall calving seasons can breed heifers to calve at approximately 2.

1. Fall Versus Spring Calving: Considerations and Profitability Comparison 1 W Fall Versus Spring Calving: but a general timeline for the associated breeding and calving seasons, along with weaning months, are presented in Table 1. Table 1. for producers to consider when selecting a calving season.

Beef cattle producers that. Selecting an optimal calving season involves a complex set of factors including nutritional demands of brood cows, forage availability, calf weaning weights, calving rates. Additional economic losses result from things such as extended calving seasons, open females, decreased weaning weights and increased labor costs.

Many factors can play a role in causing calving difficulty including gestation length, calf gender, female pelvic area, calf shape, calving season, calf presentation, breed effects, nutrition, etc.

Calving Season Selection Considerations Calving season affects beef cattle production and targeting the calving season so cattle reach a marketable age during peak demand periods for replacements. calving seasons is preferable to using one season.

Selecting cattle, calving seasons, and weaning dates for efficient range beef production systems in the Northern Great Plains Wade Anderson Chadron State College.

Selecting cattle calving seasons and weaning
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