Rebel without a cause essay

He wears jeans, a red jacket and a t-shirt.

Lastly, we see the absence of a father figure in the life of Plato which completes the list from all three sides. Risk Jim transformation can be seen in costuming as his unique process of individuality in finding his identity, at the start of the movie his clothing was a suit jacket with a collared top and tailored pants.

Instead of standing up for his own beliefs and standing behind what he tells his son at first, he continually switches what he says to find the easy way out of the situation. This technique explores the idea of how James came of age by changing his identity.

We can see that the father is masculine and insensitive through the way he treats Judy. We can see all three dynamics of the father figure presented through Jim, Judy, and Plato.

This distinct coming of age experience of trying to fit in by risk taking, gives him the ability to find his own identity. He begins to take charge of his own life, being that strong man himself, going to the mansion with Judy to live on their own in order to not become like his father.

Another technique used in the movie to portray his identity can be seen in the car race scene. Jim wants to see his father stand up for himself.

The camera angle changes to low, looking up at James, every time he tries to stab buzz. The audience is then presented with the complete opposite, through the relationship Judy has with her father.

Winning the fight represents the changes he wants to occur which is being a better person, and finding the right thing to do. The red jacket represents danger, as his new identity causes him to act out of risky decisions.

Rebel Without a Cause

The movie portrays father figures as problematic which then shape the actions and the characters themselves as the movie progresses. When Judy tries to show her love to her father by giving him a kiss on the cheek, he goes on to slap her on the face and tells her girls her age are not supposed to do things like that.

Before the race starts there is a high camera angle with shows a clear track, this tells the audience that they have a clear road ahead of them to start a new identity, and as soon as the race starts, the camera shot is of the back of the cars, this is telling the audience that they are leaving their old identities behind them.

In the police station at the beginning of the movie.

Rebel Without a Cause Rebel Without a Cause One of the major themes that are presented throughout the whole entire movie is the dysfunctional relationship between one of the characters and their fathers. This indicates his superiority towards buzz and shows the independence he is able to obtain as he stands up for himself.

Yet, what he gets is not a father giving him guidance and support, but someone who tries to please his son and agrees with everything he says.Rebel Without a Cause is a realistic and powerful look at American culture of the 's, this is shown through three scenes dealing with the three main characters of the film.

Their actions and interactions with adults shows the dissolve of the traditional family structure, and /5(4).

Oct 29,  · A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies/10(K). s Movie Essay: Rebel Without A Cause Introduction Rebel Without A Cause is a very popular film from It depicts life in the 's from the viewpoint.

Rebel Without A Cause, released inis a film that sympathetically portrays the rebellious, misunderstood, American middle-class youth. The story provides a full, but stylized look at the world of the conformist mids/5(5).

Rebel Without a Cause() was a movie that was ahead of its time in terms of its symbolism and its direction. What many considered to be taboo, the film challenged the boundaries of society's rules and yet reflected what so many had tried to keep hidden.

In the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause", it shows us three middle class teens (Jim, Judy, and Plato) who become rebellious because of problems within their families. The false interpretation of teenage rebellion is justified in this movie. We see three teenagers who are completely victimized by their.

Rebel without a cause essay
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