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The developmental psychologist who devised the Strange Situation procedure to measure attachment and who contributed to attachment theory is: There have been numerous attempts to disprove the James-Lange theory. In her research, Dr. When two-year-old Kerry was tested in the Ainsworth Strange Situation, she did NOT explore the environment even when her mother was present.

Jean Piaget was the Swiss child psychologist best known for his influential theory that: In individualistic cultures, success and succeeding in competitive tasks is more: Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow 30 She takes out her sandwich and eats it until she is no longer hungry.

In general, the tendency to reach or maintain equilibrium or an optimal internal balance is called: When Samara was an infant, she was usually calm, uninhibited, sociable, and typically showed interest rather than fear when exposed to new people, novel experiences, and unfamiliar objects.

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In collectivistic cultures, achievement motivation is more: It encourages a focus on psychological needs as motivators 34 The inborn predisposition to consistently behave and react in a certain way, even as early as birth, is called: Although she does not enjoy banking, she knows she will receive a good salary and benefits there.

Tsu that their baby has a low activity level, tends to withdraw from new situations and people, and adapts to new experiences only very gradually. The ability to incorporate and interpret new information in terms of existing mental representations of the world is called: Then, unexpectedly, she is promoted and given a raise.

Although he knows that he will not make as much money as a nurse, he has decided to pursue this path because he finds the work inherently satisfying, enjoyable, and challenging.

Fetal period 19 His motivation to become a nurse is likely to be: According to Abraham Maslow, Eugene has achieved: That chemical substance would be classified as: In his performance evaluations, it is often mentioned that he has difficulty resolving conflict and functioning well as part of a team.

It has become apparent to Mr. Based on their research on infant temperament, Thomas and Chess would characterize babies who tend to be intensely emotional, are irritable and fussy and cry a lot, and have irregular sleeping and eating patterns as: The final and longest period of prenatal development is called the: Carrie, an accountant at a large accounting firm, has been unhappy in her position and has even considered quitting.Study Flashcards On Psychology - Final at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!/5(1). Study Psychology Final Flashcards at ProProfs - review for final. Study PSYC FINAL EXAM flashcards from Logan Goutierrez's ULL class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app.

Learn faster with spaced repetition. Final Exam Review Sheet PhilosophyFall Term The final exam will take place Thursday, December 21st, in the usual classroom from pm.

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It will consist of around 15 true/false or multiple choice questions, and a dozen or so short answer questions. PSYC Final Exam - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Psychology 110 final exam
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