Essay on leisure its uses and abuses

This change instills in him new energy and strength. Human beings are social animals who need to spend some time on themselves through indulgence in creative and recreational activities.

Leisure gives our muscles and nerves rest. In our country, people made plans to go to northern areas. This highlights the fact that play is as important as work. It stresses the need for engagement in activities other than work for a complete development of human personality.

473 Words Essay on leisure: its right use (free to read)

Leisure time is very essential for modern man who is crushed under the burden of daily life. It broadens our outlook. It offers opportunity to fill oneself with renewed energy to start again the task of life. They are also health-giving. They give us opportunity to come in contact with different people.

This is quite true. A man, who understands the importance of time, spends his leisure time in some purposeful activity. He is caught in the battle of survival for existence.

It should suit our resources, time and temperament. Some go out to the countryside or some places of interest and feed their senses with sweet sights hobbies that fill their leisure with pleasure.

The value of leisure and how to use it has to be taught early in life. From the above conclusion it can be concluded that it is not the availability of leisure that is bad but it is the poor usage of leisure that makes it bad.

Leisure Its Use and Abuse

Two of the worst affected activities are reading and healthy socialising. Advent of television and leisure. Some people spend this time in stamp collection or coin collection as well. As a machine needs rest and oiling, so it is for a human body. He does not make work an end by itself.

383 words essay on the Leisure and it’s Uses

Human nature looks for change. Such a person is more prone to anti-social activities because an empty mind is a dwelling house of Satin.

It refreshes our brain. Socialising is also a healthy activity and promotes goodwill and mutual understanding among people.Short Paragraph on Leisure. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On December 17, Of course, leisure time should be properly used.

It should not be wasted away in idleness as it is rightly said, ‘An idle brain is a devil’s workshop’. Essay on Value of Time ; Short Paragraph on Railway Station in India ; Short Paragraph on Self.

Short Paragraph on Leisure

But it is always wise to use our leisure meaningfully. We should [ ] Navigation. Words Essay on leisure: its right use (free to read) words essay on the Leisure and it’s Uses ; words short essay on Leisure (free to read) Words Essay on Importance of Leisure (free to read).

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Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up Sign In Science- Its Uses and Abuse Science is very useful yo us. Leisure - Uses and Abuses By Annie Richard The infinite revolution of the wheel of life continues and man moves along with it, continuously being under. Leisure means a time in which person does not do his regular work.

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Since leisure is a free time of a person to use as he wishes, it can be used is a right way or wrong way. It could be used or abused depending upon the way it is utilized. essay on leisure its uses and abuses post graduate programs how do you write a website in an essay super size me review essay bibliographic essay appendix-research paper essay on quran and science essay on indian festival diwali essay writer service review easy scholarships for high school students no essay.

Essay on leisure its uses and abuses
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