Book report nine days a queen

Jane was executed at the Tower of London on 12 February at the age of She would never find happiness again. It is surrounded by forest where the many fallow and red deer still roam.

To the visiting scholar Roger Aschamwho found her reading Platoshe is said to have complained: However, Edward, in a draft will "My devise for the Succession" composed earlier inhad first restricted the succession to non-existent male descendants of Frances Brandon and her daughters, before he named his Protestant cousin "Lady Jane and her heirs male" as his successors, probably in June ; the intent was to ensure his Protestant legacy, thereby bypassing Mary who was a Roman Catholic.

The executioner asked her forgiveness, which she granted him, pleading: She had an opinion and a voice unlike her generation. On February 12 Guildford was executed first, followed by Jane who had watched his headless body being taken away. Jane refused to name her husband Dudley as king, because that would require an Act of Parliament.

Seven months ago it had been Jane who was queen: A cousin of the Tudor ruling family, she spent some time at court as a young girl. There were four steps leading up to it. Nevertheless, Jane could see the scaffold that had been erected on the Green very clearly.

Over the next few years of her childhood she was brought up by her cold and heartless parents. This excellent historical novel brought to life the tragic story of Lady Jane Grey; as a big fan of historical fiction about young royal women, I found it particularly interesting.

Lady Jane Grey

Although Jane did have a rightful claim to the throne through her Grandmother, Mary Tudor, she was not the rightful successor. Having lived near Bradgate Park for many years, I was lucky enough to be able to take my dogs there every week. I found Lady Jane to be such an interesting character--not just a perpetual damsel in distress.

Maybe I am biased as I have had such close connections with where a potentially great Queen once lived, but no one will ever know how England would have turned out under the rule of Queen Jane.

As was to be expected, all defendants were found guilty and sentenced to death. I also found the other characters not well-developed and lacking interesting background stories. Watching her friends, her cousins, playing with them, she always knew she was fourth in line for the crown, but even with King Edward sick and dying she always thought Princess Mary would take the throne.

She was just a young girl who had no say in her own future and wrongly lost her life as a result of a plot she had no real part in.


Her notions and theories of the medieval world were so down-to-earth and relatable; she truly caught my heart. Her notions I read this novel in record speed.

The historical consensus assumes that this was in recognition of overwhelming support of the population for Mary. This tragic story of a 15 year old who was forced to be Queen is a difficult story to believe and hard enough for scholars to follow all the plots, at times I felt this book had too much information that was not necessary for a young adult fiction, other times I felt there was some details missing that might have helped explain things a bit better.

Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey

I literally could not put it down and am thankful that it was relatively short, or I would have readily foregone experiencing my stay in London.

It is difficult to avoid spoilers but Karleen Bradford managed to bring this not-so-well known historical figure to life. It is such a magical place with the remains of the house where Jane and her family once lived.

Most importantly, he had to isolate and, ideally, capture Mary Tudor to prevent her from gathering support. At the age of nine Jane went to Court to be looked after by Catherine Parr and it was here she found the love she craved and indeed thought more of Catherine than her own mother.

Their execution was first scheduled for 9 Februarybut was then postponed for three days to give Jane a chance to convert to the Catholic faith. With her head on the block, Jane spoke the last words of Jesus as recounted by Luke: It seemed so long ago She died in Lady Jane Grey (c. – 12 February ), known also as Lady Jane Dudley (after her marriage) and as "the Nine Days' Queen", was an English noblewoman and de facto Queen of England and. Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey (): Ann Rinaldi: Books/5(18). Nine Days a Queen, The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey by Ann Rinaldi The book I chose to report on was about the life and short reign of Lady Jane Grey. Ask the majority of people about Lady Jane Grey and they will probably know that she was ‘Queen for Nine Days Day May 19; The Anne Boleyn Files Book List.

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Book report nine days a queen
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