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Financial Information requirements of such stakeholders met by a study of the four sources of financial information namely, balance sheet, profit and loss, changes in equity and changes in cash flow statement. Please note there is a change in the group assignment submission from that stated in the unit outline.

This statement is however not true because the IASB was formulated to ensure accounting standards and disclosures that certainly in investor and public interest. The theory depicts that legislations are always formed keeping in view the society benefits. All on-campus students should submit a printed and signed copy of the assignment with personalised coversheet to assignment drop-off boxes located on your particular campus — or submit to the Administration Office if no box is available.

It is assumed that any organisation which uses societal resources in lieu does not carry out any beneficial act for the society would be accepted by the society.

This Assignment in accounting theory of accounting includes social and environmental audits. The economic interest group theory depicts the supply and demand relation. It would not be incorrect to say that it would result in the paradigm shift in the financial reporting.

Accounting information is maintained with a view to assists to end user and thus, the information must not be ambiguous or irrelevant or misguiding. Such activities of the entity can easily be quantified and measured in economic terms.

It is certainly applicable to a great extent on the public sector authorities. Continuously contemporary accounting specifies the valuation of assets on the changing general price level to provide relevant information for users.

For each of the two studies, provide two 2 major implications of their research findings that will be useful to inform each of the following external reporting stakeholders: Which of the following is not a consequence of the standards overload problem to small businesses?

Entities which report their good practices have better chances of being awarded with more projects or increased sales or contracts. As the case study reveals that customers dissatisfy on such high profits as they were the ones who were inappropriately charged by the respective for the banking services and in fact, the organisation has also employed lesser staff which meant high payment for lesser services.

Thus Australian firms should adopt the IFRS to ensure global compatibility with governments as well as private company operators globally as the IFRS has become an accepted norm in the European countries, USA and following soon are the developing economies like China and India.

The profitability became a major concern because it was quite significant as compare to other big banks. On the other hand the aim of the change proposed is to introduce greater number of financial disclosures in the balance sheet.

The IASB has ensured strict regulations particularly with the stakeholders to strengthen the consolation process and the board demands answers in writing for not considering the views of the stakeholders.


Legitimacy theory is a political theory and has implications on several business activities including accounting. Optus AU 3G The intention behind this decision was that the industries have become quite aware of the fact that consumers trust only those industries which do well for the society in addition to their main activities.

IFRS ensures the creation of certain standards with respect to financial reporting and particularly the accounting and management of financial resources. As per the theory of Legitimacy, entities seek to legitimize their actions by showing conformance or consideration to the values, norms, beliefs, definitions and restrictions of societies of which they consider themselves as a part.

An explanation of the reasons at least 3 why your group has selected the two research articles relating to your topic.

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According, to Murphy the key issues that have identified as the bone of contention particularly for the public sector bodies is the reduced authority and the residual nature the balance sheets to have because of the changes proposed under the IFRS.

As per the current scenario, the government did not form regulations and trusted the market forces.


Ensuring efficiency of employees is the key element of the success of the local authorities. But you can order it from our service and receive complete high-quality custom paper.

Even if a public sector firm does not have a requirement for much change it has to change as per the requirements of the each specific case specified in the new system. It can however be said that some the issues like investments accounting, projection of high goodwill or asset valuation may not be applicable to the local authorities and the public sector units.

These journals can also be accessed via the Proquest Database link available via the Student Login page in the Holmes website. Diagrams and tables clearly labelled and explained. The duration of the presentation to be 6 — 7 minutes maximum.Sep 11,  · H Accounting Theory and Current Issues Trimester 2 Group Assignment Due date: pm Sunday Week 10 Read More.

This assignment requires a substantial search of the accounting theory literature and contemporary developments on global accounting regulation.

You will need to use the resources of the various. QUESTIONS: ( words) Read Accounting Headline below, and, adopting a Positive Accounting theory perspective, consider the following issues: a) If a new.

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Assignment in accounting theory
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