Analysis of scene 2 of blue remembered hills essay

We drew around each others bodies and did a sort of character brainstorm. Scene 8 — This scene shows Audrey trying to impress Angela, and them talking about their friendship. When we first read through the script, my initial reaction was that the play was slightly dull, I think this was because we were told that we would have to eventually speak in a West Country accent.

At this point my favourite character was Donald. This was a lot harder to keep up than it sounds! The two characters I played different and was a nice challenge To help me with my performance I used various forms of research such as the internet, books, other scripts written by Dennis Potter and asked a director I know, who has directed Blue Remembered Hills in the past, some questions.

Blue Remembered Hills Essay Sample

He regularly bullies Donald Raymond and is annoyed when John stands up to him. I want to go ho-o-me!

Part One essay for Blue Remembered Hills

When the children have to hide in the hollow Angela is the most scared of the children but she enjoys getting pampered and looked after by the boys. In the run-up to the final performance we would just act out each scene over an over and confirm that we had the play how we wanted it.

He backs up Raymond when Peter bullies him, and when the children are hiding from the escaped Prisoner of War he is looked up to as the person who is going to look after them.

These corresponding scenes show that it is one bad thing to kill a squirrel, but to take a persons life is on a whole other level. Another lesson we found out our parts and started to explore our characters.

It surveies a group of seven-year-olds playing in the Forest of Dean one summer afternoon until the character Donald. We had to treat and react to the other people by looking at their card.

He is bullied and ridiculed by the boys and is abused and beaten up by his mother. Scene 11 — This is John and Peters fight scene, and showing Johns rise in status when Peter runs away. Scene 24 — Everyone decides to play a trick on Donald after running out of the woods.

A chance to let you grow close to this certain character. There was no real change in characters in Scene 2 other than the fact that In scene 1, Peter was triumphant in his method of physical beating to get Willie to give him the apple and in scene 2, Willie was triumphant in his knowledge of information to keep a secret the information about the jam jars but that was only really successful because of the distraction of the squirrel.

Bee and I were the popular girls and instead of being horrible and snobby, we giggled at Clemmie and Kath, who were the geeks. He is quiet and a pacifist; he is very upset that the others have killed the squirrel and might be going to cut off its tail.

We also used the stage to show the statuses of the groups: The six other children run. He is the most violent of the gang, as he is the most enthusiastic about killing the squirrel and cutting off his tail.

GCSE Drama Blue Remembered Hills.

In the previous scene, the audience saw that Peter was dominant in the relationship and frequently craved control of it and of Willie, often with physical violence but in this scene, he no longer results to this and uses his words more to cajole Willie into telling him where the jam jars are.

Scene 25 — We see that Donald has set fire to the barn, but as he is about to run out the door closes.

Blue Remembered Hills Synopsis Essay

I think this exercise helped us understand not only what we thought of our character, but what others thought of our character too.Part 1 Drama - "Blue Remembered Hills" and "Bruises Heal" "Blue Remembered Hills" was written in by Dennis Potter. It's set during the 2nd World War and takes place in the Forest of Dean in Somerset.

The play follows a day in the lives of seven 7-year old children. Playing the Character John from Blue Remembered Hills Essay - Playing the Character John from Blue Remembered Hills The group, consisting of John, Audrey, Angela, Willie and Raymond; have heard a bomb siren going off from the nearby prison camp.

Home > GCSE > Drama > GCSE Drama Blue Remembered Hills. GCSE Drama Blue Remembered Hills. This is the study of a scripted play, in which I studied Blue Remembered Hills. Blue Remembered Hills was initially broadcast on BBC as a TV production in by Dennis Potter.

The Social And Historical Context Of Blue Remembered Hills Essay

The basic story line is about a group of seven Blue Remembered Hills Essay Sample. This scene was a good example of the relationship between Angela and Audrey, even if they were mean to Donald towards the end.

Analysis of Scene 2 of Blue Remembered Hills

Blue Remembered Hills The key idea in blue remembered hills was the change between the childish behaviour and their immoral choices to their views changing to become much more matured and making better life choices for them and others around them. (For you, this would be ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ by Dennis Potter) (You must not write about the same play used to answer Section A) You will have a choice of .

Analysis of scene 2 of blue remembered hills essay
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