An overview of the mistake in a headline regarding firestone tires

The failure of the subject tires "begin as belt-edge separation at the edge of the second belt. These concessions included switching from an 8 hour workday to 12 hour alternating shifts so the factory could remain in operation 24 hours a day, a pay cut by 30 percent for new hires, a seven day workweek instead of five days, hourly workers would contribute to their healthcare plan, a switch from a piece-rate system to a performance based system, and senior workers were to lose two weeks of vacation time.

Over time union workers started to cross the picket line and by May there were 1, replacement workers and permanent workers at Decatur.

Tires with the highest rates of failure were manufactured in the months right before the union went on strike but after labor negotiations had begun and later after union workers began to cross the picket line and work without a contract alongside replacement workers.

The lighter roof was so weak that it would collapse under the weight of an overturned Explorer if the windshield were smashed in, a condition that often happened in rollover accidents.

If winter tires are applied to the rear axle of any vehicle, it is recommended but not required that they be installed on the front axle. As separation progressed it could grow to form large crescent shaped areas along one or both sides of the tire.

All winter tires applied should be the same speed rating. Firestone then accused Ford of withholding safety data concerning the design of the Explorer. Moreover, the data available to ODI does not indicate that Explorers Ford first accused Firestone of withholding data that Ford needed to determine which tires might be unsafe.

Boyden found 21 cases of accidents caused by tread separation and forwarded the information to the NHTSA. Firestone replaced those tire with heavier duty tires. We make every effort to ensure that the following search results are up-to-date and accurately presented.

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Problem detection[ edit ] As early as personal injury lawyers were aware of accidents, injuries and fatalities caused by the tread of Firestone tires separating from the tire at high speeds.

Original equipment sizes are based on the best information currently available to us. For this reason, winter tires are best applied to all wheel positions. Variations based on options or changes by the manufacturer may change the original equipment size on your vehicle.

Firestone argued that the Explorer is poorly designed and exhibits dangerous oversteer in the foreseeable event that a tire fails while driving. Winter driving presents special challenges for vehicle mobility.

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Congressional Investigation[ edit ] Congress began hearings in September to find out why it took so long for the NHTSA to discover these tire defects and why Ford and Firestone were aware of tire failures as early as but never reported the information to the NHTSA. It was also more likely to sway during sharp turns because it used the same leaf spring suspension that is found on the Ranger.

One consequence of lowering the tire pressure is increased tire temperatures which could lead to a tire failure. Studded tires, where legally allowed, follow the same recommendations above.

However, the fact that a vehicle exhibits linear range oversteer characteristics following a rear tire tread separation does not, in itself, indicate that the vehicle contains a safety-related defect.

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This is the area of highest strain in a steel belted radial tire, primarily due to the structural discontinuity created by the abrupt change in modulus from steel to rubber. Firestone had more information about tire failures than Ford did because of warranty claims, but Firestone never acted on this information because it always blamed consumers for not maintaining their tires correctly or operating their vehicles in extreme environments, leading to these failures.

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Call 1 () or Chat with us HOW TO FIND YOUR VEHICLE'S TRIM The Firestone Tire Company was founded on a determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race, wherever that race may be. But make no mistake: There’s plenty. Firestone's Request for a Defect Investigation on the Handling of Ford Explorers After a Rear Tire Tread Separation (02/12/).

Engineering Analysis Report and Initial Decision Regarding EA Firestone Wilderness AT Tires (10/04/). DOT Statement for Ford-Firestone Hearing.

Our Heritage. Firestone Tires - A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE - Here he poses for a photograph with Colonel McClure to promote his gift of Firestone tires for military transport vehicles to bring attention to the cause.

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Glassdoor. An Overview of the Mistake in a Headline Regarding Firestone Tires In some Sept. 12 editions, a headline in the Business section misstated how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration handled some complaints about Firestone tires.

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An overview of the mistake in a headline regarding firestone tires
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