A medical report of senator pinochet

The consultation was undertaken in Spanish. Obviously, such a tendency exists by reasons of age, physical illnesses, mild cognitive impairment and the effects of drugs. Gait was small stepped with instability on turning. Showed bradyphrenia and circumlocutory speech but no lower level dysphasia.

'His memory of remote events is impaired'

For the last 8 to 9 months he has noted difficulty in walking and now can only cover yards before his legs become too weak to continue.

We are convinced that the inabilities diagnosed are due to brain damage, as they are in their nature compatible with, and correspond to that phenomenon, and the formal neuropsychological tests did not show any of the signs of deliberate exaggeration of damage. The purely clinical evaluation of progression in vascular cerebral damage is not reliable.

Memory defecit for both recent and remote events. Senator Pinochet would at the moment be able to attend a trial, but as the periods of cerebrovascular lesions have progressed despite the excellent treatment with correct controls of diabetes and arterial pressure and with anti-coagulant agents a progressive deterioration of both his physical and mental condition is likely.

Finasteride 5 mg daily Nimodipine 30 mg b.

An examination of the medical report of senator pinochet

Dr Henry Olivi Observer Prof. The comment that a trial would produce stress that would accelerate the vascular disorder is too hypothetical a matter to deserve a comment.

No depression At the moment, Senator Pinochet does not show any signs of clinical depression. At present, Senator Pinochet shows no evidence of clinical depression.

Since then the senator has had two further falls, one in the garden and one in the bathroom, both due to loss of balance without impairment of consciousness. Loss of light touch and pinprick sensation in stocking distribution to mid-calf level.

Sense of humour intact. It is interesting to notice that the three clinicians who examined the patient during the morning session found only a mild impairment of mental abilities.

Limited ability to understand complex sentences and questions, due to loss of memory and, consequently, inability to adequately process verbal information.

Pinochet opponents demand access to medical reports

Their exact medical findings remained confidential. He would have difficulty making himself heard and understood in replying to questions. The difficulties in the ability to comprehend are the result of the lack of memory. Fitness for trial Physically: NO significant change from previous scan.

He is accused of using torture to intimidate and silence political opponents throughout his dictatorship. Situational stress, as likely to be occasioned by trial, produces physiological responses that could accelerate the progression of vascular disease.

He also recalls an episode in which his vision became dim for a short period. Pinochet health report Spanish newspapers published the leaked text of the Pinochet medical report on 16 February. Good rapport and cooperative. We therefore do not feel able to express any useful opinion on the possible effects on his health of undergoing trial.What follows is a critique, from the standpoint outlined above, of the medical report on Senator Pinochet on the basis of which Home Secretary Jack Straw became "minded" to release him.

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crime and celebrity Find stories. causing the AFRICOMs Secret an examination of the medical report of senator pinochet a biography of. Senator Pinochet has a complex medical history, but the main active medical problems at present are diabetic peripheral neuropathy and recently progressive cerebrovascular brain damage.

The diabetic neuropathology is contributing to difficulties in walking and to the observed tendency to postural hypertension. states requesting extradition, and other interested parties that Senator Pinochet had been examined and that the medical report concluded that Senator Pinochet “is at present unfit to stand trial and that no change to that position can be expected” and that he is “minded” not to extradite Senator Pinochet.

Medical Report Cites Pinochet 'Brain Damage' By RICHARD BOUDREAUX, Times Staff Writer ROME--Gen. Augusto Pinochet is unfit to stand trial because of "extensive brain damage" that dims his memory, comprehension and ability to express himself, according to disclosures Wednesday of a British medical report on Chile's detained former dictator.

A medical report of senator pinochet
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