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Faulkner was also a prolific writer of short stories. Soon after, Faulkner would agree to become writer-in-residence at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville for a period of eight to ten weeks every year.

ByFaulkner was in need of money. Faulkner is considered a fine writer of the short story, and some of his stories, such as "A Rose for Emily," are widely anthologized put into a collection of literature. This history and culture of the American South posed a great influence on Faulkner throughout his childhood and also on his literary work later on.

Although Faulkner wanted to join the United States Army, he was not accepted due to his short height and joined the British Royal Flying Corps instead.

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He had in mind a trilogy about the Snopes family, a lower-class rural laboring white family who, unlike the Compsons and Sartorises of other Faulkner novels, had little regard for southern tradition, heritage, or lineage. Now dividing his time between Oxford and Charlottesville, from February to May he fulfilled his second term as writer-in-residence at Virginia.

Although not an avid moviegoer, he needed the money, and so accepted the job offer and arrived in Culver City, California, in May Made temporarily affluent by Sanctuary and Hollywood, Faulkner took up flying in the early s, bought a Waco cabin aircraft, and flew it in February to the dedication of Shushan Airport in New Orleans, gathering there much of the material for Pylon, the novel about racing and barnstorming pilots that he published in The novel did find a publisher, despite the difficulties it posed for its readers, and from the moment of its appearance in October Faulkner drove confidently forward as a writer, engaging always with new themes, new areas of experience, and, above all, new technical challenges.

In January of that year, Faulkner suffered another fall from a horse, forcing yet another hospital stay. His nephew, Jimmy, and Estelle accompanied him on the mile trip to Byhalia, where he was admitted at 6 p. From an early age, Faulkner possessed a love of storytelling. Faulkner would take complete responsibility for the education of his niece.

During his brief service in World War I —18; a war that involved most countries in Europe as well as many other nations in the world, and in which the United States participated from —18he suffered a leg injury in a plane accident. Estelle brought with her two children from her previous marriage to Cornell Franklin and Faulkner hoped to support his new family as a writer.

In an interview with The Paris Review inFaulkner remarked: InFaulkner published the first volume of the Snopes trilogy, The Hamlet, to be followed by two volumes, The Town and The Mansionall of them tracing the rise of the insidious Snopes family to positions of power and wealth in the community.

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In an attempt to create a saga of his own, Faulkner has invented a host of characters typical of the historical growth and subsequent decadence of the South. Army rejected him for being underweight and too short 5 feet 5 inchesFaulkner enlisted in the Canadian Air Force.

Back at Rowan Oak in September, Faulkner began working on a new novel, which would consist of two short novellas with two completely separate casts of characters appearing alternately throughout the book. There is no mechanical way to get the writing done, no shortcut. Three of his novels, The HamletThe Town and The Mansionknown collectively as the Snopes Trilogy, document the town of Jefferson and its environs, as an extended family headed by Flem Snopes insinuates itself into the lives and psyches of the general populace.

I believe that man will not merely endure: He also received the Nobel Prize for Literature. In the autumn ofjust after his 31st birthday, he began working on The Sound and the Fury.

In October, he left for London and then for Reykjavik, Iceland, where once again he attended a program of conferences and interviews. At the center of the novel is the orphan, the enigmatic Joe Christmas, who defies easy categorization into either race, white or black.

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Surprisingly, Faulkner was not very well known before being awarded the Noble Prize in Literature.

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Stone would in turn send these to publishers, but they were uniformly rejected.William Faulkner (), who came from an old southern family, grew up in Oxford, Mississippi.

He joined the Canadian, and later the British, Royal Air Force during the First World War, studied for a while at the University of Mississippi, and temporarily worked for a New York bookstore and a.

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Biography. William Faulkner was born in in New Albany, Mississippi. When he was five, his family moved to Oxford, Mississippi, where he'd live for the majority of his life. Faulkner's ties to The Magnolia State run deep: his great-grandfather, William Clark Falkner (known locally as the "Old Colonel"), was a prominent lawyer, railroad financier, slave-owner, and Civil War veteran in Mississippi.

Born in in New Albany, Mississippi, William Faulkner was the son of a family proud of their prominent role in the history of the south. He grew up in Oxford, Mississippi, and left high school at fifteen to work in his grandfather's bank.

William Cuthbert Faulkner was born to an old southern family on September 25, in New Albany, Mississippi. He was the eldest of four more sons of Murry Cuthbert Falkner and Maud Butler.

Faulkner grew up in Oxford, Mississippi where his family moved in

A biography of william faulkner
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