4th of july projects

Join our days of summer STEM activities for week to week themes! Homemade science and STEM make any celebration a real event! Swipe here for next slide 6 of 46 Playful patterned cuffs spiff up paper napkins and make it a breeze for guests to grab their flatware at a barbecue buffet.

Everyone can make this simple American Flag design. We have a simple template to go with this to make it even easier for you. Although we love ice melting activities all year round!

July 4th/Independence Day Activities

This visor is a great craft for children of all ages - it is simple enough that the youngest toddler can make one our 18 month old helped put the star stickers on the one shown here but yet older children can make it as complex as they want. Kids will have fun making the salt dough used to craft the magnets and then they will enjoy painting them red, white and blue as well.

This great 4th of July visor is the answer! Not a holiday passes without some sort of special science activity or homemade slime theme! Or try this fourth of July fluffy slime!

Our handprint eagle craft is a simple paper craft for kids so that they can make their very own eagle on the 4th of July.

4th of July Science Activities and STEM Ideas for Kids

Making a simple American flag out of paper with your kids presents a great opportunity to teach them about the flag. A magnets around 4th of July with your kids and then hang them on your refrigerator or any other place you like. The addition of a little glitter makes this craft sparkle, as a firework craft should.

A great craft for kids of all ages to help with, especially if you use pre-cut foam stars as we did. Then add red and white candy sticks to mimic stripes. Swipe here for next slide 11 of 46 Flag Favors A spirited holiday celebration calls for a fun take-home treat, like this goody bag of candies arranged to resemble the American flag.

Test different temperatures of water too! 4th of july projects here for next slide 16 of 46 Use our templates to make these adhesive stars, which transform a basic enamel bucket into a fun picnic beverage station. This is an easy craft made from materials that are usually on hand and even young children have fun helping with all the stars.

Send your party guests to the moon with these lively rocket favor packages for an Independence Day bash. Plus there is a little bit of information on the history of the flag! Especially if you love fireworks, parades, and fairs like we do!

Add a little confetti for some sparkle and your 4th of July craft for kids is ready to go. A and an American Flag, but you could do anything you want.

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft Turn a toilet paper roll and some streamers into a fun and simple firework craft for the Fourth of July! At the end of the night, even the older kids wanted one. Cut a sponge into a firework shape and use lots of glitter paint to let your little one create their own 4th of July night sky.

This cute kids craft is a fantastic homemade 4th of July decoration for your picnic or party and is even a fun toy for kids to run around the yard with. Simply print our template and glue the pieces together to make this fun 4th of July craft for kids.

Plus a few more surprises too! It does really look like a little firework exploding in the milk. Dip the squishy koosh ball in paint and then drop it onto black paper. Which liquid is the lightest?

This wreath makes a great decoration for the door. Bald Eagle Craft The bald eagle is our national bird; a symbol of freedom and everything that 4th of July stands for.

Older kids will enjoy making the colors go in a pattern like a flag while even young kids will enjoy painting with the three colors. Koosh Ball Fireworks Craft This cute firework craft for kids will have your child asking to make it again and again.

Add some glue and a whole lot of glitter and you have a great firework craft for the fourth of July.Activities and Crafts for July 4th These American Independence Day crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children.

The Fourth of July crafts use materials found around the house, like paper, cardboard, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. Try these patriotic 4th of July crafts to deck out your home in red, white, and blue.

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Crafts and Party Decorations

Thousands of wonderful art and craft ideas to do with kids that are fun, easy, and enjoyable for grown-ups too! You'll find crafts, art, activities, games, treats, and more for all holidays, seasons, and ages.

Fourth of July Bandana Tablecloth Line up four rows of three bandanas, alternating between red, white, and blue.

Sew the rows together to get a pretty pattern, great for serving your holiday platters on. 15 4th of july science activities and stem ideas for kids Share science activities with kids this summer! It’s a joy to watch their minds light up as they experiment with new materials. Spend time this 4th of July with friends and family to make it the best day ever.

If you are looking for something to do under the summer sun, try out some of these festive activities.

Kids 4th of July Crafts Download
4th of july projects
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